Many people across the globe suffer from flu and cold during the winter season. Dealing with this condition can prove to be quite daunting as an individual suffering from cold and flu can become the cause of spreading it to others since it is contagious. However, by following certain effective tips, you can keep yourself away from flu and cold during the winter season. Some of these tips are:

Disinfect your Surroundings

Start with your home. Disinfect all the areas in your home that are not regularly cleaned. If any person in your home is having the flu and cold, make sure you are not using their used items. Furthermore, keep your workstation at the office clean. Disinfect all the items you regularly use in your office to reduce the risk of flu and cold.
Do not skip this habit when you have booked a stay in a hotel. Your room may look seemingly clean and spot-free. However, there are certain items in the rooms that may have been used by previous guests or room service staff; hence, you need to make sure that they are disinfected. These items include TV remote controls, light switches, and door knobs etc. Ask for freshly washed towels, bed sheets, and blankets from the room staff in order to alleviate the risk.

Increase your Vitamin Intake

Our immune system helps to protect us against various diseases including flu and cold. The stronger our immune system, the less there are chances of suffering from these diseases. You can make your immune system strong by increasing your vitamin intake. Vitamin C and E, in particular, are known to enhance the immune system. Many health experts recommend taking a certain quantity (usually in milligrams) to combat the risk of flu and cold. Furthermore, even if an individual is down with flu and cold, these vitamins can help them to recover fast.
Apart from vitamin C and E, vitamin D is also utmost important for our immune system as it helps it to prevent cold and flu. Milk is rich in vitamin D; however, not many people drink more than one glass of milk per day. It contains less than 100 individual units of this vitamin, far less than our body requires to have a strong immune system. This is why it is suggested to get at least 20 minutes of sun, a rich source of vitamin D, on a routine basis.

Use of Hand Sanitizer

Lastly, it is strongly recommended to keep a quality hand sanitizer every time with you. Wash your hands properly with it after using restrooms, before eating, and numerous other times in the day when you feel like, particularly during winters when the cold and flu are quite common.

Final Thoughts

Getting through the winter season without suffering from cold and flu is definitely an achievement. However, this is only possible if you are following the above-mentioned tips rigorously.