Women, in today’s times, live a hectic lifestyle. They have a busy routine, which doesn’t allow them to take time out in order to pay attention to their well-being. As a result, their health suffers and they become more prone to be affected by numerous health concerns.
In this post, we have shed light on some major health issues, concerns, and threats women are more prone to facing in today’s times. Having this awareness will help them to make the necessary changes in their lifestyle in order to fight these risks.
Have a look at these concerns and threats:

Cervical Cancer

Cervical cancer can be caused by having a sexual contact at an early age, HPV infection, and smoking. A woman can also suffer from this cancer if she has multiple sexual partners or tends to take birth control pills. A Pap smear test is recommended every year for every woman in order to ensure that there is no abnormality in their cervical cells.
Many women believe that if they are not sexually active, they cannot suffer from this type of cancer. However, this is only a myth. Even if a woman has never had a sexual encounter, she can still get this cancer but the risk is definitely lower as compared to women who are sexually active.

Breast Cancer

It is known as the most common type of cancer in women. Stats show that breast cancer is the leading cause of deaths caused by cancer among women in developing countries. Therefore, it is advised to have clinical breast exams conducted once in a three-year gap for women who are in their 20s and 30s.
The risk of breast cancer can be lowered by quitting smoking and limiting the use of alcohol. Furthermore, keeping your weight in check and exercising on a regular basis can also help to alleviate the risk.
It is important to know that your doctor may recommend you to have more clinical breast exams than other women if there has been reported breast cancer case in your family.

Heart-Related Diseases

There are numerous heart-related diseases, caused by different reasons, that can affect women. However, the most common among them is coronary artery disease – CAD. This is a condition in which plaque, a waxy substance, builds up in the arteries causing them to become narrowed and hardened. As a result, they aren’t able to perform their basic function properly that is to supply blood, rich with oxygen, to the muscles of the heart. It can be prevented by having a healthy diet and regular exercise.
It is important to know that CAD is not only common in women but men are at equal risk of suffering from it.
Apart from the concerns and issues mentioned above, women can also suffer from diabetes, depression, anxiety, pregnancy-related issues etc. A healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle can help to minimize the chances of suffering any of these issues.